Saturday, 16 August 2014

Day 9 of Recovery

On day 9 of my recovery I had a really long lie-in as I hadn't been able to sleep until 3am last night. I didn't wake up until 12:30pm! Once I was awake though I got up and washed then put on real clothes! I wore some thick black tights (Primark), a maroon skater skirt (H&M), a black cropped vest top (H&M) and then paired it with a chunky knitted cream cardigan (Primark) and maroon suede slipper flats (Primark).

At 2pm Rich picked me up to go to our local shopping centre to buy ingredients for a soup making session round at his house. We also popped in to Boots and I bought a moisturiser-serum duo, a CC cream (both Olay) and some on-the-go sachets of baby food (haha). We headed to Asda for the soup ingredients and I also bought a cream foundation and a bronzer that had been reduced.

We headed back to Rich's via my house so I could take my antibiotics and pick up my food processor to blend the soup properly. The soup we decided to make was Cauliflower, Cheese and Bacon and it was absolutely delicious. We used double the amount of bacon the recipe said to use and used Tickler cheddar (a really strong mature cheddar that I love) so the end result was amazing. I had to strain mine through a sieve but Rich said the little chunks of crispy bacon were delicious so I'm looking forward to making the soup again once I've had my wires removed so I can enjoy it in all its glory. Rich's dog, Rocky, also had a few little chunks of bacon and he enjoyed them a lot.

We watched Tumble (my new television addiction) while we ate/drank our soup and then later in the evening we invited all our friends round to Rich's as I hadn't seen everyone since before my operation and hadn't felt up to going out to the pub where we normally all hang out. It was great to see everyone but really tiring, which I feel like is the story of my life right now as I can't really do anything without feeling completely knackered afterwards.

Rich drove me home at about 11:30pm and I got straight into bed and fell asleep at about midnight.

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