Thursday, 21 August 2014

Day 14 of Recovery - Two Weeks Post-Op!

I woke up late (about noon) on day 14 of my recovery and discovered that the horrible hospital taste had come back. I got myself up and dressed and brushed my teeth for about ten minutes until I finally felt like I'd managed to get rid of the disgusting taste in my mouth. I also used some individual floss picks to try and clean my splint as best I could but it was really difficult to work around the wires and in between the tiny gaps between my teeth.

I headed downstairs and found that Mom had made some Leek and Potato Soup so I had two big mugs of fresh, strained, home made soup, which was delicious (although I am still having to add a fair amount of salt to my meals in order to make them taste normal).

I spent the morning relaxing and watching TV with Mom as I was feeling really tired as I'd woken up a couple of times in the night. My friend sent me a Snapchat of a present she'd made me (because she's super organised and has already started making her own adorable Christmas decorations), which really cheered me up.

After tea Rich came round to chill for the evening and I ended up with both Rich and Shep asleep on me on the sofa. Once Rich had woken up from his nap we spent the evening watching TV (I swear this blog makes me sound like I spend my life in front of the TV but I don't even watch it normally) and watching YouTube videos. Rich stayed quite late as he's off to Creamfields (a big music festival in the UK) this weekend and we wanted to spend a bit of time together before he went so I didn't end up going to bed until about 1am.

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