Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 6 of Recovery

I woke up early (7:30am) on day 6 of my recovery as I knew I had to be at the hospital by 9am for my appointment with the consultant. I woke up to find a picture message of a pizza my friend had ordered last night, which prompted me to send them back a very sad faced Snapchat of myself. I got myself up and dressed but forgot to have breakfast before the arduous task of brushing my teeth so decided eating could wait until I got home because I'd be damned if I was going to go through that rigmarole a second time in about 15 minutes.

We set off for the hospital and got there in plenty of time for my appointment so just sat in the waiting room. At 9am exactly the secretary called us through to my consultant's office. He checked the alignment of my teeth and asked how I was getting on and said he was very pleased with my progress. My surgeon dropped in too and he seemed pleased with how I was doing as well.

The consultant told me the wires would be staying on for another five weeks before they removed them but I don't think he mentioned whether I would immediately be placed in elastic bands. I assume I will be put straight into bands but maybe they wont be necessary if my jaw has already healed into place, which is the point of being completely wired close with a splint for six weeks.

I also asked him how long I needed to wear the surgical stockings for as Mom and Dad had insisted I keep wearing them at home even though I hated them and he thought that was hilarious because apparently the nurses should've told me I didn't need them any more the day I left hospital and I had in fact been wearing them pointlessly for the last  3 days.

I asked if I could keep my x-rays and moulds etc and he told me the x-rays were all digital nowadays so there wasn't a paper copy to be kept and if I wanted to keep my moulds I should ask my orthodontist at the next appointment as he kept all those but he was sure that I would be able to.

The appointment was all over much more quickly than I expected but I was glad to hear I was healing well and making good progress. We arranged the next appointment on our way out and I was given an exact date for the wires to come off... Wednesday 17th September! Let me tell you, the 17th September can not come quick enough; I'm absolutely dying to have a slice of bread or a spoonful of mashed potato!

On the way home from the hospital we popped into Aldi to get some shopping and Dad treated me to a DVD - the perks of having your jaws wired together! Then when we got home I had my delayed breakfast of a Munch Bunch strawberry yoghurt drink. I took a funny photo of the dogs looking very embarrassed because they've been caught holding hands! I took a few photos of my face that show the bruising is really coming out along my jawline now.

I lazed about all morning in the living room playing on my phone, my iPad and watching the TV. For lunch I had a mug of watered down, strained Scotch Broth soup and it was divine.

After lunch me, Mom and Nic headed out to our local shopping centre as I had to hand in my sick note to the shop I work in. We hired a wheelchair for £5 as I still get very tired easily and it was quicker to wheel me about than to wait while I wheezed along. We handed in my sick note and I got a bit sidetracked and ended up buying a few t-shirts (but in my defence they were baggy, open-necked ones for my recovery). Then we made a foray into Superdrug and I bought an absolute HAUL of makeup and nail varnish (I think I'm going to write a blogpost about the things that I bought and maybe review a few of my favourites). We popped into Debenhams as I'd read that YSL were offering 7 day samples of their new foundation and I really wanted to try it. I also got two samples of foundation from the M.A.C. counter. We had a look round Tiger and I didn't buy anything but Nic bought a few bits and pieces. We stopped quickly in the Body Shop to buy some shampoo for Nan and then headed on to Asda where I got some almond milk (as I'm not supposed to have normal milk for a few weeks as it apparently promotes infection) and some really strong cheddar to melt into things. Finally we headed to Poundland to get something for Dad and I ended up buying various chocolate bars to melt and a few bits of haircare. On the way back to the wheelchair rental place we ended up going into McDonald's and I bought a portion of fries to suck but it didn't work and it just depressed me so I ended up giving them to Dad when we got home at about 4pm.

Almost as soon as we got back my cousin, Adam, rang and said he'd been round at Nan's doing some gardening for her and would it be alright if he called in on the way home to see me. I of course said that was fine and so he came round bearing a gift of a J20 from Nan. He stayed for about 30 minutes chatting about my operation and his new job and it was lovely to catch up as it took my mind off everything. The feeling in my bottom lip was starting to come back and so it felt semi-normal but my chin was still completely numb.

For tea I cooked myself Cheesy Jacket Potato soup (I can post the adapted recipe I used to make it if anyone is interested in seeing it?) using my fancy new food blender that Nan bought me for my birthday. Even though I just stood around making soup I felt absolutely exhausted and by the time my soup was ready I almost wasn't hungry. I didn't water my portion down enough so it was slightly too thick to get through my wires and teeth and in the end I just gave up on it as I was too tired to faff about with it any more.

I'd planned to watch the Great British Bake Off but everyone was being too noisy and the dogs were being really boisterous so in the end I gave up on that too and went to bed really early at about 8pm. 

I watched a few programmes on iPlayer on my iPad in bed and ended up getting off to sleep at about midnight.

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