Sunday, 17 August 2014

Day 10 of Recovery

10 days into my recovery with 30 more to go; I'm glad to have hit the 1/4 mark as my recovery feels like it's been dragging the last few days. It feels good to know that in one month the wires will be off and I'll be starting to eat more normal foods but I'm worried I'll still have to stick to soups and yoghurts at first and I don't know if I could bear more than six weeks of this awful liquid diet.

I woke up at about 10am and went through my usual morning routine of getting up and dressed and taking my antibiotics with my yoghurt breakfast. Me, Mom and Charlie (our spaniel puppy) headed down to the local dog agility class to see Nic doing her weekly training session with Shep (our collie dog). Dad and Nan met us there and we were all really proud to see Shep running the course brilliantly including jumps, weaving, tunnels and even the see-saw, which used to really scare him.

On the way home from dog agility me and Dad called in to see my other Nan and my uncle and both were pleased to see I was recovering well. After about half an hour chatting with Nan and Poss (my uncle) we headed home to have some lunch. For lunch I had some more of the Cauliflower, Cheese and Bacon soup that me and Rich made yesterday and it was just as delicious.

I spent the afternoon watching telly and playing games on my iPad as the morning had left me feeling quite tired. I also did a bit of light tidying in my room and sorted through all the presents I had been lucky enough to receive. Rich called round in the evening to see me and stayed until about midnight watching telly and drinking hot chocolate. 

My new discovery is to make hot chocolate using real chocolate and it tasted exactly the same as having a chocolate bar and feels really filling! What I do to make it is fill a mug about 3/4 full with milk just so you know how much to use then transfer that to a small saucepan. Then break up some real chocolate (I've been using about 8 squares of mint Aero chocolate per mug of hot chocolate) in to the pan and gently heat it through, stirring with a fork until the chocolate has melted in to the milk. Tip the hot chocolate into your mug and don't worry if there's a few lumps of chocolate left in the pan; just scrape them into your mug too and keep stirring with the fork and they'll continue to melt because the hot chocolate is warm. Then just drink and enjoy!

I watched a few programmes on my iPad and ended up falling asleep at about 1am.

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