Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Day 12 of Recovery

I woke up relatively early (around 9am) on day 12 of my recovery as I had invited my friends round later in the morning. I got up and dressed into some comfy palazzo pants (F&F, Tesco) with a vest top (Forever 21 - side note: Forever 21's basic vest tops are the best ones in the entire world and they're so cheap!) and then whacked on a cardigan (Primark). For breakfast I had my usual yoghurt drink.

The first of my friends arrived at about 11am and everyone else gradually made their way round after finishing at work etc. We all just chatted for hours and they filled me in on all the gossip I'd been missing by being somewhat housebound. They all headed home by 3:30pm and I made myself a late lunch of Heinz cream of tomato soup with butter melted in and water added to thin it out.

I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, as did Shep and Toby (the cat), and just watching videos on my iPad. Later in the evening I just hung out with the family as Dad had woken up from his afternoon nap, Mom was home from work and Nic was back at home with Charlie in tow. Charlie had some toddler's socks put on him and his face looks so sad but he was loving walking around in them.

For tea I had cauliflower cheese again and I made myself a "real chocolate" hot chocolate for pudding. I had a relatively early night and I was asleep by about midnight.

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