Monday, 25 August 2014

Day 18 of Recovery

Today I woke up at 2:30pm, which again is absolutely ridiculous but I figure if I'm asleep for large chunks of the day then at least I'm not hungry! I woke up with a really dry mouth though and found that I'd cut all the edge of my tongue on my splint in my sleep so it's felt really sore and tender all day, which made it pretty painful to drink anything as the motion of swallowing was making my tongue rub against the splint.

I got myself up and dressed into tights, a black skater skirt (H&M) and a really cute pink jumper with cream lacy shoulders that Nic bought for me (Zara). I headed downstairs and made myself a quick and easy lunch of Heinz cream of tomato soup, with butter melted in and thinned out with boiling water. I've been drinking more of this soup than any other just because it's so smooth and thin so it's really easy to drink even when you have absolutely no gaps between your teeth. It feels as though I've done nothing other than drink every meal from a mug for years too as I've found that's the cleanest and quickest way to eat anything; I've not tried to use a spoon yet as I can't really fit one in to my mouth without spilling food all over myself.

As it was a bank holiday here in the UK today Rich didn't have to go in to work so he came round this afternoon and after he'd told me all about his weekend at Creamfields (I'm feeling very jealous as it sounds really great) we settled down to play some good old computer games. We initially planned to play Roller-coaster Tycoon but we couldn't find the disc for it anywhere so in the end we decided to download the old Sims 2 games to my laptop. I dug out all the expansion packs but after it took about 40 minutes to install the original Sims 2 we decided to leave the expansions for another day and just start playing instead.

We spent a good few hours designing a ridiculously huge mansion and we spent so long obsessing over little details, such as which tiles to use in each bathroom or how to space the windows and lights, that we didn't even manage to get the house entirely furnished before we gave up for the night. We tend to do this every time we play the Sims though and we just build and furnish house after house without ever playing the families' lives properly.

I've also downloaded a slew of new apps to my iPhone so I can tell that I will be addicted to those for the next few days. The games I've been really addicted to already include Hay Day, Covet Fashion, Episode, High School Story, Snoopy Drop, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue, Candy Mania and Cookie Jam. I know it sounds like a stupid amount of games to have on the go but I just check in to each of them for a couple of minutes every few hours and it's been keeping me busy when I'm too tired to do anything more productive with my time. I've finally succumbed to Rich's pleas to download Clash of Clans so I expect I'll be playing a lot of that over the next few days in order to catch up with him and I've also, somewhat embarrassingly, gotten slightly addicted to the Kim Kardashian game, which is a lot more addictive than you might think. If you're looking for a good way to kill some time on the bus/train or just a way to waste a bit of your life then I can highly recommend all of the above games!

It's getting pretty late now but I find that no matter what time I get up in a morning I've not been able to sleep very well at night for the past few days. It seems like the earliest I've been nodding off is around 2am, which isn't ideal but it's not like I've got any routine that I need to stick to. The one thing that's really been bothering me at night is the strange sensation of feeling returning to my lower face. For some reason I can only ever feel it once I'm lying down in bed but it's like a strong tingling, almost itchy, throughout my chin that I just don't know how to get rid of. The feeling in my lower lip is almost back to normal but just feels slightly deadened, although I'm pleased about that because I don't care if I never regain the feeling in my chin but I feel like having no feeling in my lower lip would be very inconvenient when eating and drinking in public.

I'm going to sign off here for tonight but I've got a long day of nothing ahead of me tomorrow so I might write up a blog post that's slightly more beauty orientated (and slightly less about having to thin soup, getting out of breath walking upstairs and dribbling down my chin) if I can muster the energy and enthusiasm. Goodnight, all!

P.S) I've been looking at my blog stats and I'm amazed to see how far and wide my readers come from! I'd be really interested to learn a little bit more about you guys so if you want to please leave a comment below letting me know where you come from, whether you're going through similar treatment and how you found my blog. Of course, feel free to leave me any questions too and I'll answer them as soon as I possibly can! I'm really looking forward to hearing from you guys. (Feel free to tweet me instead if you prefer, I'm just really interested to learn more about my readers).

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