Saturday, 23 August 2014

Day 16 of Recovery

I had a massive lie-in until about noon on day 16 of my recovery as I'd not been able to get to sleep until late last night. I got up and dressed in some comfy jogging bottoms and a big baggy jumper as I'd decided it was about time I did a bit of make-up maintenance and tidying. I had a quick lunch of tomato soup and headed back upstairs to sort out my ridiculous collection of cosmetics.

I gave all my brushes a thorough clean, which was very much overdue, and left them to dry using my very sophisticated hair-bobbles-and-drawer-handles technique. Then I sorted through all the stuff that had amassed on top of my dressing table and put all my make-up back where it belonged so it wasn't strewn about and distributed between about seven make-up bags that I had on the go (lord knows why I had that many going as I haven't exactly been travelling a lot). It was really satisfying to have all that back under control as I'd been meaning to do it for weeks but it hadn't exactly been high on my list of priorities.

Apologies for the somewhat graphic picture below but I realised my stitches were on the OUTSIDE of my mouth as well as the inside and I just had to take a photo showing how big and disgusting they are. Those little twists of wire you can see in the photo have also given me the mother of all mouth ulcers! You can also see the plastic splint that's wired between my teeth and at the moment it's really been irritating the right hand side of my tongue as I think the splint has a little sharp edge that's been rubbing.

It was my friend's 21st birthday party at 7pm so I got changed into a navy floral-embroidered shirt dress with a chiffon-y skirt (Primark) with thick black tights (Primark - I've always been one to feel the cold but I've got even colder while I've been restricted to this liquid diet) and the navy high heels I snagged for £1 from the car boot sale on Wednesday (originally Primark - spot my favourite retailer).

I decided that since I had just sorted out all my make-up I would do something a little more dramatic than I usually do and did a little bit of a smoky eye using the Night Palette (Primark - could you have guessed), which really impressed me in terms of colour pay off, blendability and staying power considering it was only £2.50 (I think). I used the matte blue shade as an all-over lid colour then blended some of the darker navy shade through my crease. Finally using the Real Techniques Liner Brush I used the darkest shimmery navy colour to line my upper lash line, add a little flick and smudge underneath my lower lashes. I used the Olay CC Cream and a bit of MAC Pro Longwear Concealer with a dusting of MAC Mineralize SPF15 Loose Powder Foundation to set it as my base. I also added a slick of Loreal's Color Riche Lipstick in shade 233, "Taffeta".

I really enjoyed my friend's party as we all just sat around eating pizzas (although I very sadly had to have a mug of chicken soup instead) and played Cards Against Humanity, which was one of the presents we bought for her. I ended up staying at hers until about midnight and then my friend very kindly drove me home in her brand new Mini, which is amazing and has really made me want my own car (although I do love the little Kia Picanto I share with Mom).

When I got home I made myself half a mug of my special Aero hot chocolate and then went up to bed but I couldn't get to sleep so I watched Tumble on iPlayer and ended up falling asleep at about 2:30am (ridiculous, I know).

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