Thursday, 28 August 2014

Day 21 of Recovery - 3 Weeks Down!

3 weeks into my recovery means halfway through the wired jaw phase! I'm halfway to eating like a real human again and I can't wait!

Today was a bit of a double celebration in terms of happy events because not only did it mark my 3 week post-op point but it was also a birthday outing for one of my best friend's birthdays! We spent the day at Bicester Village, which is a big outlet shopping village a few hours away from us. The shops there are mainly high end designers so if you're in the market for a new handbag etc you can get a really good deal but it's not quite so great for people who haven't got any money because they've been off work sick...

I still managed to pick up a few things including a really cute jumper from the Superdry Luxe range in their outlet shop, which was reduced to something crazy like less than a tenner! It's really soft, cosy and toasty warm so I can foresee that I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it as the weather's turning colder.

We went out for lunch at an Italian restaurant called Carluccios and, let me tell you, it was absolute torture being restricted to the Zuppe (soups) section of the menu when all the meals looked delicious! I chose the minestrone soup but obviously I had to have it blended, thinned and sieved, thus rendering it immediately less enjoyable. By another magical coincidence the waitress who served us had had jaw surgery last year to correct an underbite and was really interested to hear about my experience as she had not been wired. She was really lovely and so helpful when it came to meeting all my stupid demands haha! The staff were all really friendly and when they found out it was Maddy's birthday they brought over a little cake with a candle for her.

I slept all the way home as I was absolutely worn out from walking around the shops, although my perfectly-healthy friend, Sarah, also slept the whole car journey home so I'm inclined to think that sleepiness is just an average young adult trait ;)

I was so tired that evening so I just relaxed in front of the telly and tried to get an early night to catch up on some sleep.

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