Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Day 20 of Recovery

Today I got up early to hit the local car boot sales with Dad and thought I'd take a few photos to show how the bruising looked slightly less obvious and the drain sites were healing nicely.

Not really sure why my neck is rivalling that of a giraffe in the photo above but you can barely see the scars on that side of my neck!

You can see in the photos how the orthodontic team had REALLY made sure my teeth were wired together. As I didn't have a metal plate implanted across the incision in the bone I had to have my jaws held in the exact same position for six weeks in order to allow my bone to heal itself back together naturally. It's difficult to see the plastic splint between my top and bottom teeth but trust me - it's definitely there!

Today I went out to lunch with Mom, Nan, Nic and my cousin, Adam. We went to a really cute little cafe and, coincidentally, the owner's wife had jaw surgery a few years ago so they were really helpful and accommodating. I had leek and potato soup that they kindly blitzed down, thinned out and sieved - I was even provided with a straw, haha!

I've always been one to feel the cold but since the surgery I swear I've been colder than I've ever been before. Even just sitting downstairs in the living room I had to wear two coats to be a comfortable temperature! It's not boding well for the colder weather in the upcoming Winter months!

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