Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 8 of Recovery

Day 8 of my recovery started at 10:30am when I woke up and headed downstairs for breakfast. I had my usual antibiotics and yoghurt then headed back upstairs to get ready for the day. I wanted to put proper clothes on but when I put my high waisted jeans on they'd gone all baggy round the legs. The waist still fitted me perfectly though so I suspect that's not an indication of weight loss but more that my jeans needed to go back in a hot wash to be shrunk down again. I've been weighing myself regularly and have only lost 1kg so far, which I think is pretty good going considering that during the 3 days I spent in hospital I barely ate anything.

After a chilled out morning my friends called in at 2pm to visit me and surprised me with loads more Disney DVDs to watch. We decided to watch Tarzan as two of us had never seen it even though it looked really good. The film did not disappoint and when it had finished my friends headed home. 

A little while later another friend called in (I'm beginning to feel really popular!) and presented me with a beautiful bunch of flowers and a bag of post-surgery goodies. I had jelly cubes, Turkish tea, nail art stickers, bubbles to exercise my cheek muscles, hand cream, bath stuff, a face mask, soup and good books; I'm being well and truly spoiled by all my friends and family at the moment!

My friend stayed for a couple of hours filling me in on everything I'd been missing recently and it was great just to have a catch up and feel somewhat normal. She headed home at teatime and I settled down with a mug of chicken noodle soup (minus the chicken chunks and noodles obviously). 

Rich came round at about 9pm and asked if I wanted to go out for a drive, which I did as staying at home all day had been sending me stir crazy. We ended up at a big 24-hour Tesco and decided to stock up on soups and yoghurts while we were there. I nearly cried in the cracker aisle as I wanted some cheese straws but couldn't eat them anyway.

We headed back home and spent the rest of the evening slobbing out in front of the telly and ended up having quite a late night. At 1am I decided I was hungry and made myself a mug of thinned out tomato soup. Rich left after that so I could get to bed but I couldn't get to sleep until 3am so instead I watched Sydney White on iPlayer.

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