Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day 13 of Recovery

On Wednesday 20th August (day 13 of my recovery) I woke up relatively early (at about 8:30am) as me and Dad had decided to head out and hit the local car boot sales. I left Toby all snuggled up in bed and headed out into the nearby fields full of bargains. 

I snagged myself quite a few bargains, which were made all the better by the fact that Dad treated me to them rather than parting with my own cash. I bought a pair of River Island wedge trainers that were still in their box for just £5 and I already know I'm going to get loads of wear out of them in Autumn and Winter so I'm excited to start wearing them. The biggest bargains however were the shoes in the photos below! I got this brown pair and the same style of shoe in navy too for just £2 (ie- £1 a pair) but both pairs are absolutely unworn and still had the £14 labels on the soles etc! I really love car boot sales for picking up bargains and I'll be sad when summer's over if only because it means car boot season has ended too.

When we got back I found a package containing a 21st birthday gift for one of my best friend's had arrived and it was stamped with the cutest owl logo! The necklace we had bought for her was really beautiful and delicate and I'm on the verge of ordering a similar one for myself but I'm trying not to spend any money at the moment (easier said than done).

After lunch I cracked open a Lush giftset I'd been saving and treated myself to a really relaxing bubble bath, using the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, complete with hot chocolate to drink while I watched beauty videos and hauls on YouTube - Bliss! My teeth had been aching a bit so the hot chocolate felt really soothing.

I had my usual relaxed evening watching television with the family, including the Great British Bake Off (quite possibly my favourite TV programme ever) and headed up to bed at about midnight. Tonight was the first night that Shep was allowed to sleep "on my feet" again after my operation but I think he misunderstood the whole arrangement as he decided he was going to have the entire bed.

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