Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Day 19 of Recovery

I had another ridiculous lie-in this morning but this one has been the most medal-worthy yet (in the laziest girl Olympics); I managed not to wake up until gone 4pm! In my defence however I didn't get to sleep until almost 5am last night as the feeling has been coming back to my chin whenever I lie down and it's excrutiatingly annoying. It isn't painful as such but it just feels unbearably tingly, much like the pins and needles you get when the feeling returns to a leg you've been sitting on funny, and almost makes you want to scratch it like an itch but of course when you do scratch it you can't feel it so itching it provides no respite whatsoever. I'm taking it as a positive sign that my nerves are slowly healing though and hopefully I'll regain the full sensation of my chin.

Once I'd finally torn myself from bed I got dressed (Topshop Baxter jeans and Primark floral Jurassic Park t-shirt) and headed downstairs for tea (ridiculous - I know). I heated a whole can of Heinz cream of tomato soup and melted a knob of butter into it to up my fat intake then thinned it out with about half a can's worth of boiling water. I was really pleased that I managed to drink the whole thing as I've been making a concious effort to eat as much as I can over the last few days in order to avoid any weight loss.

I spent a couple of hours browsing my favourite blogs and stumbled across this post by A Thrifty Mrs. I'm a sucker for a biker jacket (and a bargain) so I cajoled my sister into taking me to our local Lidl in search of bargain biker jackets. We scoured the aisles and found the small clothing collection and lo and behold there were only two jackets left - the asymmetric zipped (faux) leather biker and the monochrome tweed biker (the exact two styles I had most been lusting over) both in my exact size. I took it as a sign from Jesus (because who wouldn't?) and decided that I definitely needed both. I also picked up a pair of suede boots for Nic (she chose them and asked for them as part of her Christmas present), a maroon long sleeved top with faux leather edging and a few little surprises to send to my cousin, Fiona, who is currently living in Munich (Fi, if you're reading this, don't get your hopes up - they're only little silly things). I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of the clothing I picked up, especially the faux leather jacket - I'm sure it'll crop up in an OOTD at some point in the near future.

We headed home from Lidl and called in to see our Granddad on the way back as I had ordered some shoes for him from an online stockist and they had been delivered to our house. We stayed for about an hour just having a good old natter and then headed home for tea (in my case, my second tea).

Mom made me my usual cauliflower cheese for tea and it was absolutely delicious. I'm a big cheese eater normally and quite often I'll sit around eating chunks of cheddar as a snack so that's been one of the foods I've really missed over the last 3 weeks or so. I've been eating a lot of Mom's "cauliflower cheese" just because it tastes so cheesy and is really filling, plus it's good for combatting any weight loss as it's absolutely packed with full fat milk and cheese. I had two GIANT mugs of it tonight (I'm not joking - my giant mug is at least twice the size of any normal mug, if not bigger) as I felt really hungry.

Rich came round after tea and we ended up chilling out in front of a film until he went home at about 11pm. Me, Nic and Mom watched Dragon's Den and I made myself a real-chocolate-hot-chocolate using Milkybar but it was a bit of a disappointment as it turned out to be a little too sickly for me as I'm not a massive sweet-tooth at the best of times. Saying that I still drank a whole mug of it so it clearly wasn't unbearable - haha!

It's now nearly 2am but again I'm not feeling tired and I just know that as soon as I lie down in bed and the blood rushes to my face I'll get that horrible tingling sensation in my chin again. I better get some sleep though as I'm up early tomorrow morning to hit the car boot sales with Dad and Nic then I'm heading out to lunch with Nan, Nic and Adam (my cousin). See you tomorrow, everyone!

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  1. Hi Jo! We love the idea behind your blog and the fact that you are taking everyone along on your journey! That cauliflower cheese does sound amazing!

    M + K