Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 4 of Recovery

On day 4 of my recovery I woke up at 9:30am after a great night's sleep! I woke up twice in the night but only briefly and I felt really well rested. I woke up on my side (whoops) but I think it was worth the payoff of a little more swelling and feeling a bit achey in return for a good night's sleep.

I got myself up and dressed and brushed my teeth, which I found a little easier, then came downstairs. I had my morning dose of antibiotics and then for breakfast I ate a whole Muller Corner in strawberry shortcake flavour (obviously I didn't have the little chocolate biscuits) using a syringe. It tasted so good and it was just the right consistency to be squirted through the syringe.

I spent the morning relaxing and watching daytime television so as not to tire myself out. I discovered that Quavers and Pom-Bears dissolve if you leave them in your mouth for long enough so that was quite honestly a massive mood booster; I'm a real crisp addict so they were what I was missing most about not eating solid foods!

After lunch (slightly watered down tomato soup) I went with Mom and Nic to the common to take the dogs for a walk. The car journey was really tiring as the roads were bumpy and I was trying to hold my head still but it felt so heavy! Once we got there I walked about 100m from the car and then sat in a camping chair that Mom had brought with us for about 15 minutes while the dogs had a run and a swim. Then I walked back to the car and felt worn out.

I still don't think my face was very swollen at this point but the bruising was starting to appear on my jawline. The drain sites still looked really grim as the plasters were covered in blood but couldn't be changed. Overall I don't think I actually looked too strange at this point.

I didn't really do anything at all that evening as I felt exhausted. I drank a few mugs of thin soup and hot chocolate then went to bed at about midnight.

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