Thursday, 18 September 2014

Week 6 of Recovery - WIRES OFF!

Yo everybody! I say this every week but it's another mammoth post. I don't know why I'm always surprised by that as the daily updates were pretty comprehensive and now I'm trying to squish seven of them in to one single post. Oh well! I'm kicking off this week's update with some photos of an agility demo Shep performed in this week...

While we had the DSLR camera out (for taking agility photos) I also roped Dad into taking some good quality photos of my teeth at the six week mark of recovery. I wanted to get some decent shots done before I got the WIRES REMOVED! You know the drill - left, right and centre with some hilarious facial expressions.

This week's bargain find was a pair of River Island wedge trainers that were brand new in their box for £4! I know they're more of a style from last year but I loved the bronzey-gold colour of them and I think they'll be perfect for Autumn/Winter outfits.

Some more face photos except this time I bothered to put some make-up on so I don't look completely horrendous.

My OOTD looks a bit like I got styled by Cher Lloyd but I'm personally loving the 90s trends right now. I'm all about the crop tops etc!

Me and Mom spent a very gentile afternoon at a local produce show where there were competitions in literally everything and then the produce was auctioned off at the end. These little bumblebee cupcakes were so cute!

We ended up coming home with a pretty big haul of cakes, vegetables and flowers as everything was being sold at prices between 50p and £2! I also won one of the main prizes in the raffle, which was a huge hamper full of gorgeous home-grown produce.

Shep's been working the monochrome nails trend.

Even Siri is in on the countdown to real food now!

I treated myself to a Lush bath using one of their bubble bars as a treat.

I'm loving this Snoopy t-shirt from the men's section of Primark.

The countdown is REAL now.

Charlie decided that none of his dog toys were fun enough and so he needed to play with a plastic plant pot he found in the compost heap.

Part 3 of the list of forbidden foods. I was seriously so excited to start ticking off all these foods again once the wires came off!

The Final Countdown...

I thought I'd record a little video clip before I set off to have my wires removed. After 6 weeks of having my jaws wired together I'd gotten pretty good at talking as clearly as I could but it's still very quiet and mumbly.

Looking cheery on the car journey to the hospital!

Dad's hilarious name on his Starbucks cup. He's such a white girl ;)

TA-DA! THE WIRES ARE GONE! If you'd like me to do a dedicated blogpost all about the experience let me know via the comments or Twitter. 

I had to visit my consultant first thing to check that he was happy for me to have my wires removed. I don't know what I would have done if he'd told me to keep the wires on for any longer... Probably screamed (albeit very quietly and with great difficulty). After a really long wait at the orthodontic ward I was finally shown in to one of my surgical team who said he would be removing the wires. I was a little bit scared as he said lots of patients were given a local anaesthetic if they found the pain too much but it turns out I didn't feel any pain whatsoever. He clipped the wires in a few places and gently eased them out from around my braces. The whole process only took a few minutes and didn't hurt at all but it was pretty scary. He then slid the plastic splint out from between my teeth and told me to try and open my mouth as wide as I could. This was absolutely terrifying as I'd got so used to the sensation of having my teeth held together that it felt as though my jaw was going to fall off completely. I strained my mouth open as wide as I could, which hilariously was only a few millimetres, and he told me that it would get easier over the next few days so I was sent home with just my old braces for company.

There's another short video clip below of me trying to talk and open my mouth about an hour after I had the wires removed. You can immediately hear how much clearer my voice sounds without that stupid splint in the way but it's still a little bit mumbled as I was too scared to move my mouth around too much.

Within an hour of having the wires removed I could open my mouth to a maximum of one finger's width.

For my first unwired meal I had a bowl of chunky (oh how I missed you, chunks) leek and potato soup with cheesy bread. Never in my life have I appreciated a piece of bread so much. It was absolute heaven to feel the different textures of real food after six weeks of liquids.

As you can see I finished the whole meal in absolutely no time.

My second treat after being unwired was a bag of crisps and it was every bit as amazing as I dreamt it would be ;)

I've inserted one last video clip in from a few hours later, when my jaw muscles have loosened up a little more and I found it easier to talk clearly.

For tea that night me and Rich ordered a takeaway from our local Indian restaurant. I had Aloo Gobi (curried potato and cauliflower), Pilau Rice and Naan Bread. I feel like it was a good choice of meal as it was really hearty and filling but the vegetables were soft enough to not require any real chewing. It was easy eating but oh so satisfying.

I followed up the curry with a slice of lemon drizzle cake while we watched the Great British Bake Off.

The next day my jaw muscles felt considerably looser and if I really strained to open my mouth I could open it to two finger's width! In less than a day my mouth was opening twice as widely.

As a treat, Nic paid for me to have a gel manicure at our local nail salon and I chose this peacock inspired design as I just loved all the different colours and patterns. Mom even bought me this turquoise bracelet as a present to match my new nails.

I'll finish on this horrendous selfie of me and Nic haha.

See you next week!

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