Thursday, 11 September 2014

Week 5 of Recovery

Yo! It's another mammoth update post this week but this one will most definitely put a smile on your face because it starts with a tiny puppy! Is there any better way to kick off your week? The puppy in question is called Maisie (Maisy?) and belongs to my friend, Katherine. She's a real cutie and she had us all enthralled watching her gambolling around on the lawn.

 I thought it was about time I got up some more recent photos of my face now I'm five weeks into the recovery period so those are below. They follow the usual drill of front and side views with my lips relaxed, closed and smiling.

I've also put in some more photos that show how my braces are wired closed. Please excuse my shiny, spotty chin - ever since the operation my acne has been worse than usual. I think it's probably the trauma of my skin stretching over all the swelling and the difficulty in maintaining a healthy balanced diet while being restricted to only liquids. Fingers crossed that my skin will improve once the swelling's gone and I'm back on a regular diet.

 The majority of my time at home this week has been spent on the sofa, under my duvet, cuddling the dogs as demonstrated by Nic in the photo below.

Another Instagram photo to remind myself that each week has been a little bit easier to keep a positive mind-frame about the whole process.

I told you I'd spent a lot of time with the dogs and my duvet...

Another photo from Rich just to make me feel even worse about being cooped up at home instead of jetting off to America...

Toby has also been spending a fair amount of time visiting me on the sofa as he likes to have his nose "beeped".

I fan-girled a little bit when I was googling images for jaw surgery recovery and found myself on the first page of results! Not really sure why it's routed me through the German Google but I still thought it was really cool!

Following up from last week's list of forbidden foods I compiled another list of foods I can't wait to eat once the liquid diet is over. Only one week left to go now though until the wires come off!

Maddy is literally the biggest cutie ever and she snapchatted me a photo of the fox hat (she knows me so well) that she bought as a present to cheer me up.

I took a few photos of my facial scaffolding on the grown-up DSLR camera to show it more clearly.

Apologies for the grim photo below but it's the best photo I managed to take that shows off the stitches along my gums. The colour of the stitches is fading but they're not the white colour my orthodontist told me they would be at this point. They're not dissolving quite as quickly as I expected so I've still been steering clear of spicy foods etc as I don't want to irritate them. Every now and then I catch them on my syringe but it doesn't really hurt as I still don't have the feeling back fully yet.

I couldn't resist sharing this photo of Charlie looking absolutely adorable.

Rich sent me a photo of the rocks at the Grand Canyon to cheer me up. Sadly, being a geologist, I was instantly cheered by this photo, which had me questioning my priorities in life.

More cuddles with Shep.

The countdown is getting pretty serious now... I have an app on my phone that lets me know how long it is, down to the second, until I can start eating real food again.

Maddy sent me some snapchats of her Sims game where she'd made me. I have to say I completely underestimated the likeness until I saw the screenshots. Thank god they finally got uggs on the Sims so I can dress myself accurately haha.

Soppy little puppy dog.

The noticeable swelling and the bruising is almost gone now so finally people will stop looking at me with concern in public places.

Literally every photo I have of Charlie is of him being totally soppy.

My car boot sale bargain of the week was this beautiful dress that cost me the princely sum of £2. TWO POUNDS! Can you believe that? The girl who was selling it had only worn it once as well! That's my dress sorted for the next Geology Ball.

Accidentally dressed as Hermione Granger. Didn't punch Malfoy in the face though.


Dad's VIP parking space at the car boot sale haha.

I've been obsessed with this H&M co-ord Taylor Swift has been wearing but it's not stocked on the website and I can't find it in my local shop - boo!

One of the perks of being housebound by tiredness is that you have waaaay more time to spend styling your hair...

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day to take the dogs for a walk on the common.

We also spent a sunny afternoon watching Dad sailing at the Himley Hall Sailing Club. The dogs were less satisfied to watch from the banks though...

This week's OOTD was inspired by a jumper given to me by Nic (love), H&M monochrome shorts (love) and teal Color Club nail varnish (not really that impressed). My hair was doing it's natural thang but it's desperately in need of a trim as the ends are really dry and straggly now.

See you next week!

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